Mark Pants

Humorist, Voice Talent, Writer and Emcee

The Mark Pants Sizzle Reel

I put together a one minute sizzle reel that combines some of my various voices, videos and a sampling of the graphic gags I created for This Should Be The News.

The video features, in order, my over the top generic DJ voice, my ole time documentary voice, a big burly biker style character, the sniveling governor and my Buffer Brother style boxing/combat sports announcer voice on top of some videos I’ve made. That moves into a slideshow of images that I created for This Should Be The News stories I’ve written.

So if you’re looking for a capable voice actor who can ad-lib when called upon, can give you multiple unique takes and voices on a single piece of copy I’m your guy. And if you’re looking for a joke writer who is at home with the silly, the obscene and political satire I’m also your guy. If you’re looking for a handsome spokesman with a square jaw and a barrel chest I am very much not your guy but I’m flattered that you asked!



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