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The Mustard and Onions Podcast is Live Sundays at 5 PM EST

Folks, I’ve teamed up with radio pro and all-around great guy Jim Boella to co-host his revived Mustard and Onions podcast discussing all things Detroit!

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Roulette Stars of Detroit (featuring me)

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be asked by one of my friends in the phenomenal Electric Six to participate in their mini-movie “Roulette Stars of Detroit.” Fortunately … Continue reading

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Subscribe to Drink the Press on iTunes

Hello, friends! I’m happy to report that Drink the Press is now available on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, GooglePlay and, of course, Please subscribe and rate the show, I really … Continue reading

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Did you hear?

I recently visited the PodcastDetroit studios and recorded some bumpers, disclaimers and intros for many of the shows on the network. They started using the new intros last week on … Continue reading

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Introducing the DRINK THE PRESS Podcast!

Friends, fans, followers and haters alike, I am proud to announce that I am partnering with the wonderful folks at Podcast Detroit to bring you a weekly satirical news brief called … Continue reading

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T-Shirts! Get Your T-Shirts!

Do you have a torso? Do you like to cover your torso with inexpensive but stylish clothing? Well, dear friend, please take a moment to check out

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Updated Voice Over Demos on

Just a quick update. I’ve been submitting lots of auditions on lately and have gotten some great feedback

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The Mark Pants Sizzle Reel

I put together a one minute sizzle reel that combines some of my various voices, videos and a sampling of the graphic gags I created for This Should Be The News. The video features, … Continue reading

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This Should Be the News Celebrates 100k Views with New Podcast!

Today marks the 100,000th visitor to my satirical news blog This Should Be the News as well as the launch of an accompanying (probably semi) weekly podcast version of the … Continue reading

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My Private XPrize

Well, it’s unlikely that your’s truly will ever conjure an idea or advancement worthy of an XPrize, however… One of my This Should Be The News stories did get a … Continue reading

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